Evidence-based Counseling

Andrea frequently uses Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) to help clients recognize and change unwanted actions and thinking. She also leans into Gestalt and Trauma and Resiliency therapy. Role-play activates muscle memory so clients are more comfortable using the skills they’ve learned and….. it can be fun!

Home Observation Visits

Once an established client-therapist relationship has been formed, Andrea might suggest an hour and a half visit to a client’s home to observe and notate interactions among family members, usually around dinnertime. This information is helpful in understanding the dynamics between family members. At the next in-office session, Andrea will share her observations and ask clarifying questions.

Parent Information Sessions

Andrea loves to share knowledge and answer specific parenting questions. She partners with local public and private schools to present on relevant topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Executive Functioning, Discipline versus Punishment, Responding versus Reacting and Active Listening. These presentations are usually 45 minutes with an additional 15 minute Q&A session.

Lessons to Students

Serving as a School Counselor for seven years and teaching First Grade for two years, gives Andrea an advantage when teaching students. She’s skilled at classroom management, classroom systems and not only what to teach, but how to teach it for maximum learning. Inside a school or classroom brings much joy to Andrea each and every time she has the opportunity. These lessons are usually 30 – 40 minutes long and include a hands-on activity, Q&A and reviewing concepts to conclude.

Teacher Training

Andrea understands the teacher world. She was a first grade teacher in HISD and very much loved her students. Understanding that she was not using her God-given passion to the fullest, she left the classroom to pursue her Masters degree in Educational Psychology. Coaching and encouraging teachers in order to gird them up on pertinent topics is an honor and pleasure for Andrea.

Phone Consultations

Spending 15 minutes on the phone with a potential client helps both parties understand if they might enjoy working together. These consultations are scheduled at a mutually convenient time once the website information form is filled out and sent to Andrea.

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